Educational Programs

Epic Learning Center specializes in a wide range of educational programs for kids 6 weeks to 12 years old.


Age-appropriate curriculum is implemented in each age group. The curriculum encompasses four main learning domains of Exploratory classes are offered to enhance children’s learning experience.

Frog Street Press Curriculum

Frog Street offers specific curriculum for every age and every stage of development from birth to age 5. We understand that as children grow, their needs change. Frog Street programs offer developmental and learning continuums that allow children to build on previously mastered skills to more readily achieve new skills in a seamless and continuous way.

Lessons feature activities to develop skills in the following four domains:


Language-rich environment
Opportunities to sing, read, and talk
Skill development in phonological awareness, alphabet knowledge, print awareness, vocabulary and comprehension

Building trust Forming healthy attachments
Developing impulse control
Enhancing social interactions

Understanding cause-and-effect
Thinking critically and creatively to solve child-sized problems
Skill development in classification, patterns, one-to-one correspondence, order and sequence, and numeration

Fine motor and gross motor skill development
Balance, coordination, and control approaches to learning
Curiosity, persistence, attention, and communication are woven in and throughout all domains.

Infant Classes

These classrooms implement Frogstreet Press Infant Curriculum.

  • Wee Ones (6 Weeks-6 Months)
  • Roly Polies (6 Months-12 Months)
  • Wonderful Ones (18 Months-24 Months)

Toddler Classes

The following classrooms implement Frog Street Press Toddler Curriculum.

Preschool & Pre-K

The following classrooms will implement Frog Street Press Sing & Read Curriculum.

  • Superstars (3 years-4 years)
  • Wonderkids (4 years-5 years)

Schools that we service to

  • Bellaire,
  • Curtis, Kerr
  • Platt, Sun City
  • T.L. Rodes
  • Waller

School Age

We offer before and after school programs for school age children during the school year.

  • Transportation is provided to the following schools serviced:
    • Bellaire, Central Park, Curtis, Kerr, Platt, Sun City, T.L. Rodes and Waller
  • Tuition includes Homework Assistance Program
  • After School Snack
  • Arcade, Arts & Crafts, Group Games and Activities
  • Holiday & Summer Care
  • Weekly Themes during Summer Camp with on-site activities and off-site field trips!